The Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Party   The Society of the Cincinnati asked me to talk about these two events, here is the interview.

For more on this period, check out J.L. Bell’s blog, Boston 1775, with history, analysis, and unabashed gossip about the beginning of the Revolution in Boston!

Background to the Massacre  In this lecture I introduce the background to the Massacre–why did it happen?

Background to the Massacre

Samuel Adams knew how to manipulate a crisis, and how to put his enemy in the wrong, and keep him in the wrong.  Find out how he organized the Revolution.

The Boston Massacre

Recreating the Boston Massacre “Save Our History” recreated the Boston Massacre and asked me to discuss it, as it happened.

The Boston Tea Party  In this video I talk about the Destruction of the Tea, as it was called a the time.  I also wrote a book about The Boston Tea Party.

Paul Revere engraved this image of the scene–actually Henry Pelham had already done this as a watercolor, brought it to Revere to engrave, and Revere carefully and thoughtfully put his own name on the bottom! 

Here is my book, The Boston Massacre, which is about, well, the Boston Massacre.  Why did it have such an impact?